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A sensor directed toward the sky above the park, reads the amount of cloud cover as the sky changes. These changes become a control signal for the sound distribution, and processing, connecting the sonic experience with the sky above.


The ‘brain’ of the project, a computer that runs the cloud-sensor, controls the audio processing and distribution and communicates with the OKTA website.
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A number of sound-making columns, spaced to provide a unique listening experience. Multiple points of sound distributed around a listener.


The sound itself, created by the artists to be diffused through this unique sound system. Eight sonic atmospheres are created for each of degree of cloud cover. Hundreds of audio fragments are remixed and reprocessed to create a sonic experience that is always changing.
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Acting as the ‘memory’ for the project, the website uses data from OKTA to create  a striking visual record of the ever-changing state of the installation. A  journal of the changing disposition on the ground.